Bella was a beautiful and big umbrella, painted in all the colors of the rainbow. She kept her owner dry and guarded her from the wind.

But Bella wasn’t happy. Walking through town and talking to other umbrella’s it became clear that Bella had a unique way of seeing the world.

“Hey Bella! How are you doing today?” said Vicky, a black and white folding umbrella.

“Oh you know, still in the wind and rain, always cold. How about you?” Bella looked at her.

“Such lovely weather! Don’t you like it? This is what we were made for! I love the rain on my skin, it makes me ticklish as the drops roll down. I get depressed in the summer, but then fall comes and I’m all happy again!”

Bella only sighed and was happy her owner picked up the pace. It always depressed her when she was talking to other umbrella’s. They all seemed so happy with their jobs and she was always the odd one out. No one understood her and she felt completely alone.

She always looked forward to summer, but never was she taken with to enjoy the sun. Never was she used to keep her owner out of the sunshine, while that was her ultimate dream.

As the sun hit her skin, her colors were amazing and vibrant, she felt warm and happy. Bella was sad she wasn’t born as a flash umbrella, that was her dream job. Indoors, always warm, especially with those flashes hitting your skin and looking at all those beautiful people. But she wasn’t one and she never would be.

Staying home was also depressing. Standing in the corner of that cold hallway, not a soul to speak to. Bella hated her life and hoped it would end soon. She knew she was depressed but could not think of another solution.

One day, when the weather was really bad, her owner took her out into the heavy rain and wind. Bella was so fed up with the rain, being depressed and feeling miserable she took the ultimate decision. She wiggled around a bit and in a flash she turned inside out.

Instantly she felt better, although her owner didn’t think so. She heard cursing and rain hitting the owner. It wasn’t appropriate but she laughed. For the first time in years she laughed. While she was being stuffed in the trash she was still laughing.

At the dump she was sorted to go in the incinerator, and still she was laughing. As she went into the oven she was finally warm and happy while she turned to ash.