If you were forced to live in either a library, zoo or museum for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?


“It’s too dangerous to keep living alone and travelling to your work, you know too much.”

That’s what they told me when they found out. I remember everything I read. And with everything I mean everything. I just have to read it once and I’m able to repeat it word for word. It doesn’t have to be a problem, if you didn’t work at the intelligence office.

I never realized myself, my bosses were the ones who figured it out. And now I am here. Those higher powers decided to hide me away from the world, ironically in a library. For me it meant being locked up in the biggest library of the country.

“We’ll take care of everything. You’ll have a big apartment in the building and we will place a small chip in your wrist so you won’t set off the alarm. You can submit all your grocery wishes through a secured transmission, we’ll get it delivered the same day. At night you can roam free through the building. We will fake your death so nobody will wonder were you have gone. Just to be sure we will give you a new identity. No one, and we mean no one must know were you really are, and who you are.”

I stuck to the rules of course, well, almost all the rules. When no one was watching I snuck a cat in. I can handle being locked up, but not having anyone to talk to or hug with. Nobody could stay sane without it. By the time they found out about the cat, they gave in and let me keep him.

Luckily the library is in a green environment so I can still see some nature and there is a small courtyard to get some fresh air. By now I’m fairly used to being stuck here, although some days are better than others. I still got my work, but that will bore me at one point. And I love to read, but if you’ll remember everything you won’t read a book twice.

Simply put I have everything I’ve always wanted. A beautiful house, access to all the books in the world, a good job and everything I could want. Still it isn’t ideal. It really feels like a golden cage. I will never see the world. I can visit all kinds of worlds in my books or on the internet, but it’s not a replacement. I live the life of a thousand others, but still I feel alone.

Then it happened, I fell in love. I tried to spread my day moments over he whole week so I wouldn’t stand out in the crowd, but after a few years you loosen up a little bit. A certain routine slips in and soon enough I visited the library on the same days. And one day, I saw him. He was hunched over a pile of books in one of the sunny study rooms. The moment he looked up and we locked eyes is a moment I will never forget. Those dark green eyes, the gold of the sun around his dark hair and the face of someone who hasn’t landed from being in a fantasy world. I never believed in love at first sight until that day.

I smiled a little and got the hell out. I have been wondering for days what to do with it. Falling in love, I couldn’t fall in love, I don’t even know if I can trust him. Maybe he was a spy, set out to find me, or he could be the love of my life.

It’s not nice, I know, but I began stalking him. Looked up his name in the computer and researched his loan history. Nothing made him look like a spy but that doesn’t mean a whole lot.

Despite all the objections I thought of, I couldn’t get him out of my head. From all possible angles I spied on him. Yes, even I saw the humor in that. I really tried to forget him, but I just couldn’t.

One day I walked over to one of my spy nooks but I didn’t see him. A slight panic started to rise from my stomach, what if I never saw him again? Then I heard the most sultry voice behind me.

“Hey sexy, I believe you come here often.” I turned around and there he was, my soulmate. My mouth dropped to the floor and I couldn’t speak anymore.

And now we are here, a couple of months down the line. I have a secret relationship with a man, in a library. It’s the best feeling in the world and I have no idea how to move on from here. All I know is that I never want to lose him, and even if I can only see him on my ‘day off’ it would still be worth the solitary confinement. But how am I ever going to tell my bosses that I’m in a relationship, and even worse, how am I going to tell my love I’m not allowed to leave the building?