I am doing my best to do all the flash fiction challenges by Mr. Wendig I missed over the last weeks, so here is the next one. I had to pick a story seed out of a list of five. I picked ‘a dead body goes missing’.
Happy reading and let me know what you think in the comments below!


“What do you mean it’s gone?! How does a body go missing? Tell me, did it get up in the night and left the morgue? Did you take it to a bar for a last drink? How exactly does that happen, huh?”

The police officer stared the mortician right in the face, who could only bow his head in shame. “We have a murderer in custody, how are we going to convict him without a body? It was the strongest piece of evidence! No way we are able to convict him without it!” The officer ranted on. Still no reaction from the mortician.

The second officer, Jones, tried to calm his partner. “Slow down, Hart! Who says the mortician could have done anything about it! He can’t be here twenty-four hours of the day. Do you expect him to sit by a corpse until the case is closed?”

He looked at his partner and saw some of the angry redness in his face disappear. “No you’re probably right, Jones. Still it bugs me that a corpse can go missing from a morgue…” The mortician sighed a sigh of relief, happy that someone was on his side.

“Alright, send a CSI-team round here to investigate if someone did break in here and we’ll see from there.” Hart turned around and walked out of the morgue. Jones pulled up his shoulders, almost in despair and quickly followed his senior partner. No one ever saw the two glistening eyes through the window.

The owner of the eyes peering in was laughing her ass off on the other side of the window. Yelina grabbed her phone and made a phone call while she was still laughing. On the way to the rendezvous point she grabbed a tramp from the streets and drank him dry, she was so hungry. She ditched the man in the river and bunked down in the warehouse they would meet up again.

On the other side of town Sam was still stuck in a police cell. He knew it wouldn’t take long before he would be set free. With no dead body and only an unreliable witness they couldn’t keep him detained. Luckily Sam’s lawyer was in on it so as soon as the word got out, he was in the police station, demanding Sam’s release.

Both Hart and Jones were bummed out to set a murderer free, but they had no choice. They talked about it with the DA, but he wouldn’t burn his hands on this case. The police officers had to release him and let the case of the missing body go unsolved. The CSI team hadn’t found anything at the morgue, and even the witness was getting second thoughts about what she saw. Both police officers released Sam and went straight to the bar to get drunk and forget all about the case.

Sam decided to walk to the warehouse to meet up with Yelina, in case he was being followed, he could change his direction. It didn’t take him long to realize no one was following him, so he picked up his pace and ran the rest of the way to the warehouse.

Yelina heard him coming, even before he came in to the street. She had picked up another tramp from the streets as a welcome back present for her partner. Sam opened the door of the warehouse and spotted his girl immediately. He gave her a long hug and a deep kiss, before sinking his teeth into the unconscious man she was holding.

Now, released from his thirst, he could finally talk again. “So, that was fun, huh?” He looked at Yelina and both started laughing. “Oh, how I wish you could have seen the faces of the mortician and the police officer when I was gone!” Yelina had to catch her breath before she could continue she was laughing so hard. “At one point I thought that poor guy was going to end up in his own morgue! He became so pale when he opened that freezer drawer!”

“Well, the faces of those officers when they had to release me were also priceless! I’m guessing they are in a bar somewhere, drinking away their sorrow about setting a murderer free! Even that girl who claimed to have seen everything was doubting herself when she heard your body was gone!” Sam mimicked the faces of the officers, which caused Yelina to sit down. “Please stop, my tummy is hurting from all that laughing!” she cried out.

It took them both a while to stop laughing and to start talking about their plans. “Shall we take a short break from this hilarious game? Before they start linking these cases together and track us. But I am the body the next time!” Sam shook his finger at Yelina almost as a school teacher.

“Yes, you get to be the body next time! Sheesj, you sound like a two year old!” She gave him a friendly nudge. “But I do think taking a break is a good idea. Shall we say, a short two years? Go and travel for a bit before we return for our game?” She looked Sam in the eye for confirmation.

“Sounds good, two years seems long enough for the humans and short enough for us. Do you have a specific place in mind for that travelling?” He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her tight against him. “Let’s go to Russia! Scare some comrades and make them think Siberia is a good option!” Yelina’s eyes sparkled at the thought of it.

“Calm down you little Satan, we still have all eternity to scare humans. Let’s just go on vacation for a while and enjoy our lives. I hear there’s a kick ass club in St. Petersburg, let’s check that out!” Yelina nodded in approval and Sam gave her a long kiss.

“Let’s get some sleep, then we’ll be fresh for the trip.” They both bunked down, Yelina was still thinking about Russia when she finally fell asleep.