Friday, so story time! This week a long overdue part three. I started this story a long way back. First was ‘Knock-knock, who’s there?’ followed by ‘Must contain a map’. When I originally started this story it was meant to be three subsequent stories, but after part two something came in between (life, basically). The third challenge was to start with a bang, so this is; ‘It starts with a bang’. And now, it is done! I’m very happy with it, and I hope you like it too!


It starts with a bang

The loud bang sounded in the forest not far from the table where they had been making plans. Sam, Theo and Leah jumped up, and Sam let out a howl to make the wolf pack assemble. Within minutes all of the werewolves were together in the clearing. Sam did a headcount and was sure everyone was safe.
“Leah, are you and Theo ok?” he asked his vampire friend.
“Yeah, we’re both unharmed. Shall we go take a look what happened?” Sam nodded to Leah. He instructed his Beta to hold the pack together and safe, before taking off in the direction of the bang.

Before they were even halfway, another bang sounded through the forest. The three caught the blast wind and it knocked Theo back. Sam picked him up and checked him.
“You ok?” he asked.
Theo gave a wry smile.
“Yeah, it caught me off guard. Not as steady on my feet as I thought I was. Thanks for helping me up.”
Leah had to suppress a smile, those two were really hitting it off. She knew bringing Theo and his cute face had been a good idea. Not that she had expected a bomb going off in the midst of their plan-making, but still.

Sam’s excellent sense of smell brought them to the spot where the first blast had gone off. Theo’s senses as a mage immediately reacted and he tapped Leah on her shoulder.
“We’re not alone.” he whispered to his best friend.
“I know, and one of them is hurt, I smell blood.” Leah’s fangs extended and Theo could see the bloodlust in her eyes. Even though he had seen it thousands of times, he was still amazed by the traits of vampires.

The unconventional trio saw only evidence of an explosive blast, but nothing more. Sam held his head up and sniffed the air.
“A little further up ahead is the site of the second blast. It smells weird, not like this one. I smell salt and soap, no idea what can make such a smell.” Sam led the way.
Leah, Theo and Sam had expected a lot of sights but not the one they stumbled upon when they reached the site. The whole forest around them was covered in glitter, big and small, creating the illusion of a hundred disco balls being shone upon.

“What the hell happened here!” Leah yelled. When she concentrated she now saw that dozens of small pixies were floating around and dancing. An eerie high pitched sound rose from the tiny creatures, but when the pixies caught sight of the intruders, the dancing and singing stopped. The head of the pixies floated towards the trio.
“Who are you and what are you doing here?” the pixie asked them.
“I am Leah, and these are Theo and Sam. We heard a blast and got concerned about what had happened. Am I right to assume you are a pixie folk?” Leah knew she had to tread carefully with these creatures. They looked like docile tiny fairies, but knew they could turn aggressive and attack en masse.
“Yes, we are pixies, we live in these forests. I believe we share it with Sam’s werewolf pack. No problem, all peaceful.” the pixie answered.
“Alright, miss. But now we are really curious what happened here. One of your pixies is injured, I can smell it.”
“Ah, yes. The vampire smells the blood. It is but a scratch. And it is you who gave us the idea for this.” The pixie turned to the forest.
All three of them had no idea what the pixie was talking about. Looking around to the glitter-covered trees, Theo started to suspect something.

“Some of us were taking a field trip to the ocean. Normally we don’t venture out into those areas but it is a spectacular sight, we have to visit it once in a lifetime.” The pixie was clearly reliving her own visit, and by now, Leah had understood where this was going.
“There they saw the werewolf attacking you, vampire Leah. But what followed inspired us to do this. When you were standing in the ocean, an explosion of glitter erupted and the pixies thought it was beautiful. So we went shopping and we repeated it here. With a little help of small explosives and glue, we now have our own glitter forest!”

Theo was almost snorting, trying to hold in his laughter and Leah had a sour face, remembering the events of the early night. Only Sam was still in the dark about what happened.
“Leah, can you please explain what happened exactly? I have the strong feeling you didn’t give me the whole story about that attack.” He wasn’t mad, yet.
“Please promise me you won’t laugh, like Theo here.” She playfully pushed Theo, who couldn’t hold in his laughter anymore.
“I had just done some shopping for Theo, you know, craft supplies and stuff, and then I got attacked by the wolf. We scrabbled around a bit before he threw me into the ocean. Then he started to throw things at me, he had pulled stuff out of my shopping bags. When he ran out, the things exploded.” Leah stopped for a second, and by now Theo was in a hiccoughing heap from laughing so hard.
“It turns out, when you throw these bath bombs in salt water, they behave like actual bombs. Sadly, these weren’t normal bath bombs, they were filled with glitter.”

Sam was breathing very shallow from holding in his laughter. Theo was steadying his breathing so he could talk again. Leah crossed her arms, she was still embarrassed and slightly mad about it.
“She turned up back at the house, completely soaked and covered in glitter, it was hilarious!” Now both men fell into each other’s arms and just laughed out loud. Leah was tapping her foot, hoping they would stop soon. It took a couple of minutes before the laughing died down.
“Alright, that’s enough boys. It wasn’t that funny. We have other things to do.” She was done with the shame.
“I’m sorry, Leah. You’re right, it’s not that funny.” Sam held down a giggle. He turned to the pixie. “I do hope this was the last time you folk are fiddling around with explosives.”
The pixie smiled. “We will not do this again. We are very happy with our home now. And feel welcome to visit us again.” She returned to the others for more dancing and singing.

“Now, let’s get back to the job at hand,” Leah said to Sam as they made their way back to the home of the wolf pack, “But we do have to pencil in the pixie home on the map too. Let’s try to keep them in those woods before they mimic something else.”
“Can’t agree more! I’m just happy it was only a glitter bomb this time.”