Surely but steadily I’m going through the list of challenges. This one had a simple condition. Someone, or something is at the door. As I was thinking about it, I decided to pair it up with a writing prompt I found; ‘She showed up at his door, soaking wet, bruised and covered in glitter’.
This is the story that came out, happy reading!


Leah took a deep breath as she stood on the front porch. She tried to steady herself before she even tried the door. With her heart rate dropped to a more acceptable level she raised her hand. Leah knocked, no pounded on the wooden door. From within the house she heard an irritated voice. “I’m coming, I’m coming, don’t knock my door from its hinges!” Theo opened the door and stared. Before him stood his best friend Leah, red from anger, soaking wet, bruises everywhere and covered in … glitter?

Theo couldn’t help himself and started laughing. “Leah! You look like shit! Come on in.” He stepped away from the door and let Leah in. As soon as he shut the door all hell broke loose. “You and your stupid art supplies! This was the last time I went to the store to get you anything! Next time you want to make holiday cards or whatever, you can go to the store yourself!”

She took a deep breath and continued. “I don’t care anymore for that agoraphobia of yours! Get a therapist and get over it! I’m done with you and your anxieties, you want something, you go get something!” Her face was now tomato red and Theo could almost see the smoke coming out of her ears.

He wasn’t laughing anymore, but there were tears burning behind his eyes. In silence he grabbed a towel and handed it over. As Leah began to dry herself, he made her a cup of coffee and still without saying a word he passed her the cup. Leah accepted it with a slight growl. They both pulled up a chair at the kitchen island and sat down.

“I hope you are calm enough to tell me what actually happened tonight. I’m sorry I laughed but you gotta admit you looked like shit just now.” Theo was still on edge, he wasn’t sure she was over her initial anger. Leah let out a deep sigh. “Of course I looked like shit. Seemed only logical after what happened.” She took a sip of her coffee and warmed herself on the cup.

“Everything was ok when I got back from the stores. I took the beach road home, walking along the shore line trying to clear my head a bit. Out of nowhere, a man attacks me.” Theo gasped and almost choked in his coffee after hearing those words out of her mouth. “I bounced on the sand, dropped my bags and hissed at my assailant. As I got up and looked at him, I recognized the scent, it was a werewolf from the pack in the woods.” Leah pulled a face in as she remembered the smell.

“But we have an understanding with that pack. Didn’t you just have a meeting with their alpha, wasn’t his name Stan?” Theo was about to drop from his chair. “Yes, I just had a meeting with Stan, and we do have an understanding. That’s why I’m going over there in a couple hours to yell at him.” Leah growled. “Is that smart, Leah? You just reached an agreement…” Leah flashed her fangs at Theo after his words. “I can take on that whole pack on my own, Theo. It’s a young pack and I’m an old vampire, you know that. And besides, I’m not going over there alone. You are coming with me.” She flashed him a smile and waited for the gasp. There it was!

“I’m what?! If you really think I am going with you to a wolf pack you really are crazy! I’m a humble and young mage, what can I possibly bring to the table? I’m guessing you don’t need my awesome skills with glitter and glue!” His voice went to a high pitch as he talked.  “No, and I’m almost afraid to say this, but I need you for what you represent. You are not only a mage, and thus neutral in this debate between the wolves and me, but you are also gay.” Leah bowed her head, afraid of what was coming next.

“Why in Pete’s name would you need me there because I’m gay?! Isn’t it enough that I hate myself for being so stereotypical that I love crafts? Give me one good reason why I would go with you, suffer an anxiety attack and walk into the territory of a pack of werewolves?!” His face was getting red, and Leah knew she had to be careful.

“Because Stan, the alpha is gay, and he is really cute. And I’m hoping that by bringing your cute face along, he will be less mad about my message.” Leah gave him her best smile to convince him. “So you want to use me as a decoy?” He appeared to be thinking. “That’s cool.” He tried to say it as macho as he could. He looked at her and they both started laughing.

“There is still one thing I want to know, Leah.” Theo looked at her. “How the bleep did you end up covered in glitter?” Leah gave a small growl as an answer. “Entirely your fault again, Theo. As I got up and recognized him as a werewolf, he started to curse at me. I couldn’t completely understand what he was saying, but the jest of it I got. Ranting on about filthy vampires and their dominance, pushing the wolves back in to the woods and such.” Leah shook her head.

“So I tried to intimidate him by saying that there is a mutual agreement with his pack, but as you could guess, he didn’t fall for it. He lunged at me again but this time I saw him coming. I knocked him off his feet and he fell face first into the sand. He tried to throw sand in my face, but I’m not born yesterday, I dodged the sand. By doing that I didn’t saw his next lunge forward, and he shoved me into the ocean.” Leah became angry again just thinking about the fight.

“As I was trying to get the water out of my eyes, he threw something at me. It hit me on my cheek, but because of the salt water that was stinging, I couldn’t identify what he was throwing. By the time I was able to see again, he had thrown four of those things at my head. I’m guessing he was a pitcher in high school, cause he didn’t miss one. Finally I could make out what he was throwing, only to realize it were your bath bombs out of my shopping bag!” She again waited for the gasp. Ah, right on cue!

“Do you know, what you should never do with those bath bombs? Throw them in salt water! Those damned things exploded all at the same time!” By the end of the sentence her voice was raised to angry level. Theo put a hand to his mouth, trying to cover up his laughing. “And little do I know, those freaking bath balls are stuffed with glitter! Only upside to it was, the werewolf was scared shitless, he thought I was doing voodoo or something. It gave me an opportunity to kick his ass. I gave him a thorough beating and left him on the beach with a few wounds and a cracked ego. And that’s how…” Theo chimed in and finished her sentence for her. “…How you end up at the door, soaking wet, bruised and covered in glitter!”