Flash Fiction Friday on a Saturday again! I’m going to try to not make it a weekly thing, but we are doing some serious remodeling in our house so it’s easy to forget little things. This challenge was about a one-word title, and from the list, I chose the word ‘undulate’ which means to move in wavelike motions. Together with a writing prompt I found, it turned into the Sleeping Vampire. Enjoy the weather this weekend and happy reading!


The Sleeping Vampire

The doorbell rang, and Jerry was very surprised when he opened the door.
“Danny! Good to see you mate! How have you been?”
Both men smiled and hugged each other. “Honey!” Jerry yelled back into the house, “Danny is here! Come meet him!”

Inside the house, there was some shuffling and after a few seconds, a woman appeared in the doorway.
“Danny, this is my wife Miriam. Miriam this is my best friend, Danny.” They shook hands and exchanged pleasantries, but it was a bit reluctant.
“Come on in, my brother! Let’s talk.” Jerry opened the door fully and let Danny in. Walking into the living room Danny could hear Miriam whispering to her husband.

“If he is your best friend, how come I haven’t met them before?” She was clearly unconvinced about their relationship. Even before Jerry could come up with a reason, Danny turned towards her.

“Let me explain, Miriam. I have known Jerry since he was a child, but the last thirty years I’ve been asleep. I’m a vampire, and I had grown tired of the world around me. I only awoke yesterday and since Jerry is my only connection to the human world, it’s logical I would visit him first.” Assuming this would be enough explanation, Danny proceeded towards the couch and sat down. It didn’t help.

“You know what, I’m out. Have fun, I’m going to do my errands.” And with that, Miriam stormed off.
Both men were silent for a second.
“No worries,” Jerry said all of a sudden, “I’ll explain it to her tonight.” He sat down opposite to Danny.
“How have you been, my friend? Apart from having moved and being married.” Danny smiled.

“Very good! I’ve got a nice job which pays for the house, two cars and three holidays a year, so no complaints. But I’m really curious about why you are here. I thought you were going to sleep for fifty years or so?” Jerry leaned in, not able to hide his curiosity.

“That was the original plan, but my resting place got disturbed with some kids trying to rob the graves in the mausoleum. Apparently, they are going to demolish my graveyard so I had to go find another home. But since I’ve been asleep for thirty years, I thought it would be wise to visit you first and hear what I have missed over the years.” Danny shifted in his seat. “I don’t want to start another riot for not knowing the political stances and such.”

Another silence.

“So, tell me. What have I missed these last years?” Danny was eager to know, so he could go out into the world again. “Start with 2016. If I’m correct, we are now in the year 2017, but I can catch up with that. And skip the big things, wars and troubles are always in the newspapers, that’s easy to reconnect with. So, 2016?” Danny rubbed his hands together.

Jerry’s body language screamed that he was uncomfortable. “You are correct, this is 2017.”
“So, start with the last year.” Danny had the feeling he was missing something.

“We don’t talk about 2016.” Jerry crossed his arms, trying real hard to forget about all the things that happened. “But I’ll start with the biggest change in the last thirty years.” Jerry pulled his smartphone out of his pocket. “We now have these. It’s basically a mobile phone and a computer in one. The whole world is connected to the internet now, and you can do anything you want with it.” Jerry got up and sat next to Danny. He unlocked his phone and showed him some apps and looked at some pages. “You can call anyone you want, book a flight, order food, or even watch TV.”

Danny was baffled.
“And we now have something called social media. The whole world is talking to each other and telling everyone what they’re doing at any time of the day, but instead of doing that face to face, we do it via these devices now. We are still trying to figure out if it’s an improvement or not. Especially as privacy is basically dead now with these things.” Danny threw his phone on the table and walked to the garden doors.

“Let me see, what else…” Coming up with things was harder than he had thought. “Oh yeah, Michael Jackson is dead. I knew you liked his music. It was a shock, no one saw it coming.” Jerry shrugged.

“Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. The scientists decided it is now a dwarf planet. That stirred up some discussions of great magnitude and created sides in the camps of scientists and space-lovers.” Jerry grinned, thinking back to the TV-programs that had been dedicated to it.

“Really? The world got divided over the type of planet Pluto was? Humans never cease to amaze me. Although it’s a shame it isn’t a planet anymore.” Danny replied.

“There you go. That’s how the whole discussion started. People being mad over having to change the textbooks and such. A discussion was born.” Jerry smiled.

“And they finally achieved the impossible thing, they made the Lord of the Ring books into epic movies! The real purists feel the movies didn’t do honor to the Tolkien-books, but there are always people who hate it. You really have to see those first, they are magnificent. Of course, they are now milking the whole thing, but that’s normal nowadays.” Jerry grabbed the DVD-boxes and handed them to Danny. He, in turn, was intrigued by the pictures on the boxes.

“It looks incredible. I can’t wait to see these!” Danny put the boxes down. “So, what else?”

“Ehm… Oh! They rebooted Doctor Who! They’re now at the twelfth doctor and contrary to what was expected, it actually works really well. The world is once again crazy for the Doctor. Accompanied by the usual madness and fangirls. There’s merchandise everywhere and conspiracy theories about the actual existence of the Doctor. But other than that, the series is really good and certainly worth watching.”

“Wow, a new Doctor Who! Who would have expected that? I’ve got some TV watching ahead of me if I want to catch up to that.” Danny was already looking forward to it.
“You won’t believe this. I just thought of something major! The Chicago Cubs won the World Series!” Jerry was all excited.
“Get out!” Danny jumped up, “They did? Wow! It’s good I already sat, if you told me that while standing, I would have collapsed! When?”
Jerry smiled at his enthusiasm. “Last year. The world went crazy for a couple of days, and Chicago was one big party for three days. Another thing to add to your watch list.”

“I was only asleep for three decades, but hearing you, I was asleep for the best three decades!” Danny felt sad for missing everything but happy he had been rudely awoken.
“And I really only scratched the surface here. You should find a place nearby so I can show you stuff and teach you to handle all the new technologies.” Jerry answered.
“I’ll do that at once. These are the most exciting times in decades! I feel alive again!” Danny hugged his best friend.

“Did I tell you about the orange gorilla we elected president?”