Only a couple days late, I’m starting to get better! This challenge was a follow up from last week. Over 500 people entered a sentence, sadly, mine didn’t make the top ten.
From that top ten, you had to choose one sentence and use it as an opening to your story. As soon as I saw it, I had to use it. 
So here is my story, with the opening sentence; “Off all the things I expected to find in my tomato soup, this wasn’t one of them”
Happy reading!


Tomato soup

Of all the things I expected to find in my tomato soup, this wasn’t one of them. Although I really didn’t expect anything in the soup nowadays. Not even tomatoes. It seemed everything was flavoring out of some sort of lab now. Not even the tomato soup had seen a tomato fly by. Such a shame though, I could still recall the taste of a fresh made tomato soup, and it was a thousand times better than the chemical water sitting in front of me.

Back to the thing I found in my tomato soup. Sorry if this story isn’t coherent, I get distracted easily and digress a lot since a couple of months. Maybe it has something to do with my age, maybe. Or it could be the mustard gas in the skies from al of the wars going on in the world today.

I don’t really know where it all went south. The world never was in a good place from the moment I was born but somehow it had gotten worse. Holy wars, oil fights, territory discussion and terrorists trying to fight their way to an utopia, everyone seemed to have something to be mad about.

Climate change also didn’t help anyone. Whole countries flooded, all the people had to be relocated. When I was young we had the same situation with people fleeing their countries, but this was a problem on a whole different scale.

It wasn’t like the world wasn’t full enough already. Lucky for us, climate change did thaw Greenland, so a lot of people moved there. And of course there was a lot of Africa available, after all the diseases and tribal wars.

Everyone could have seen it coming that when the big migration was over, the territorial wars started. The general rule of thumb was, as a country, you got as much land as you had in your old country.

Even a child could predict there were enough countries who didn’t agree with that rule when the time came. It did provide a lot of jobs though.

New maps and charts had to be made, infrastructure had to be improved and people had to get adjusted to new environments. I was one of the lucky ones though, I never had to move with my country, and judging by the news I was very happy with it.

I digressed, didn’t I? Ok, tomato soup. It was in a restaurant I have visited so many times in my life. Given, the quality wasn’t that good anymore, but that was not an insult to the cook.

He must have a real struggle to get the ingredients he needs, and without food shipping from over the world, it is hard to maintain the same level of food quality. It is a lovely restaurant though.

Reminds me of old American diners you saw in the movies when I grew up. I can’t vouch that it was a real diner, as I’ve never been to America sadly. It is said that in the good old days you could hop on a plane and be in America in about ten hours.

It’s hard to imagine people used to do that all the time. Now planes were only used for war and really important people. And I do want to visit America, but the thought to be on a boat for six or seven weeks, no thank you.

I did it again I noticed, sorry! I remember now why I even had the tomato soup. Even though the Earth was still getting warmer, the winters over here could still be very cold. That day was such a day. It was freezing outside and I longed for something to warm me up from the inside.

That’s why I entered the restaurant and ordered the soup. From the window you could see the snow outside, children playing in it.

Making snowmen and snow angels as children have always done. I could even see a small hill where the daring children took a sled and glided down the hill.  All laughter and giggles and crashing into the big white fluff when they came down.

Sadly there were no more snowball fights as they were banned, due to people getting seriously injured by the hard balls of ice some children made. Such a shame, it was always a lot of fun to see someone getting hit by the cold snow and having it slide down in to their jacket.

Soup? Oh yes the soup! As I sat down at a table the owner of the restaurant came to my table. I’ve been there so many times he came over to have a little chat. Just two people talking about the old days, reminiscing and taking a trip down memory lane. I’ve known the man since I was little; we lived in the same street growing up.

When I was young, it was still safe to play outside, the sky wasn’t that polluted yet, so we did play outside. Like, all the time. As soon as school finished, we dropped off our bags and played. What we did I can’t remember exactly, it probably wasn’t that spectacular, but with our imaginations it was always fantastic.

You don’t see it anymore nowadays. No children playing outside and no imagination running wild. Kids are instructed to study hard all day long, so they can make something of themselves. Not that they have a bright future ahead of them.

That’s the reason I never had kids. I couldn’t bring myself to putting children in this world and have them live with the consequences of our actions. Call me selfish, or even selfless, but I knew I just couldn’t do it.

Yes, yes, back to what I found in the soup. After my talk with the owner I ordered my soup and a tea to go with it. Oh! Only that word, tea. We used to have those beautiful fragrant leaves, in a big tin, it smelled so wonderful. You could almost see the exotic places from where the leaves came.

I used to love making tea, so I could stick my nose in the tin and just wander off to those places for a little while. It made all the troubles go away, even if it was just for a second.

The English really knew what they were saying about tea. Even the drinking was an experience and such a soothing moment for some reason. It became customary in our house to make tea when there was something going on. Maybe that was why I ordered the tea in the first place, but I can t remember why I did.

Damned be my memory! I really can’t remember why I ordered the tea. Sometimes I think that if my memory wasn’t so bad I would have a ton of good stories to tell. So many times I thought about writing all those stories down somewhere but never took the time to actually do it.

Now I wish I did, then I could tell all those tales, never to be forgotten. Upside, in a few months or years I will also have forgotten my regrets. Not sure if it really is an upside though… But I’m trying to stay positive so that s what we’ll do.

Tomato soup? Are we having soup? Oh soup! Yes, of course. I never did get around to tell you what I found in the soup, did I? Oh well, maybe another day perhaps.