It’s Fiction Friday again! This time again on the actual Friday. I’m still catching up on all the flash fiction challenges from the past year, whilst also doing other projects on the side. This was a challenge I combined with a writing prompt found on Pinterest. The original challenge was Right vs. Wrong but I deviated a little bit. I hope you like what I wrote.
Happy reading!


The sandwich

It had been an ordinary day that day. I had been making a sandwich for myself, having just returned from the shops. I was looking forward to this sandwich, I had made sure I brought everything supposed to be on it. The last step was the crowning of the jewel, putting on the sauce. I grabbed the ketchup and made a weird symbol. Even before I had put the ketchup back down, a demon appeared in a small puff of smoke. He looked just as surprised to be there as I did. He ogled my sandwich. I put on the last piece of bread and, without saying a word, slid it over to him. I started on a second sandwich while I heard chewing noises coming from behind me.

This was the last sandwich I could make with my stuff, so I made sure not to make any more symbols with my ketchup. I turned to face the demon and took a bite out of the sandwich. Finally my own bite and damn it was good. When I opened my eyes again I saw the demon enjoying the sandwich just like I did. It was his last bite, and he put down his plate and disappeared again. Neither of us had said a word.

I hadn’t really thought about it anymore, not until I got a promotion. Don’t get me wrong, I deserved the promotion, above all else. I worked just as hard as my colleagues and did exactly the same work, but for far less salary compared to them. But I also hadn’t asked for the promotion, at least not yet. I hadn’t had the courage to talk to my boss, which was weird because it was a real standup guy. That day I was very happy, but when I got home, something struck me. Looking at the countertop where I had shared a sandwich with a demon, I was wondering if that had anything to do with it. No words were spoken, so could it be that the demon that had made my promotion happen? I decided it didn’t matter. I had earned that promotion, with or without the help of a demon.

Two weeks later it happened again. I was again finishing a sandwich when I heard the same puff of smoke. I suppressed a sigh and grabbed another plate out of the cupboard. The sandwich I passed onto the demon standing next to me. Just like last time, no words were spoken, and the demon disappeared as soon as he finished his meal. Not that I was an expert, but I was fairly certain it had been a different demon.

I sold my first book a couple of days later. Writing had been somewhat of a hobby, but I had always hoped it could turn into my profession. And now I was certain the demon had something to do with it. Or the publishing house had decided to change directions all of a sudden, but that was too much coincidence for me.

I had no way of knowing if I would ever be visited by a demon again, but couldn’t live with myself like this. I told my boss that I was going to work four hours less, so I could do volunteer work. He agreed and I started volunteering at a local animal shelter. I loved animals so that was an upside. It was great doing something for others, and only getting gratitude in return. So much so I traded a free night for cooking for underprivileged children. It was so rewarding to do. Not only for the children, but also for the parents.

Because of the volunteering and feeling happier at work, my writing improved a lot. I was pumping out short stories, novels and even tried my luck at drawing some things. I wasn’t even shying away from a poem now and then. Being busy so much had me lose the weight I had been trying to lose or years, and that made me feel even better. The hours I had cut made no real difference on my paycheck and now I was able to upgrade some things around my house.

The world looked a lot better now that everything was on the up and up, no more depression or trouble sleeping. The seven good years had begun and I sincerely hoped it would be more than only seven years. And the fact I had an occasional demon visit me to get a famous sandwich? No one’s the wiser but I had my lust for life back!