Here we are again, with another subgenre mash-up. This time I got real lucky, and rolled for: subgenre 1, erotic and subgenre 2, comic fantasy. How do you think I did?


Secret Lovers

“Maybe this will work.” Dave said to his girlfriend. He stopped the car in a very dark part of the woods. It was eerily silent around them, just what they wanted.
“It could, I don’t sense any humans or other life forms in the vicinity.” Karen replied to him.
They were on a mission. A relationship between a witch and a werewolf was forbidden enough, but a male witch and a female werewolf was even rarer. Both Dave and Karen had to keep the relationship hidden from their friends and family. So now they were looking for a hidden spot to make love. Or have rough sex, which was more probable. 

The lovers looked at each other and undid their seatbelts. The second they were free, they fell into each other’s arms and started kissing. Both had waited so long for the other, the tension was tangible. Dave had Karen’s head in his hands and was slowly stroking her hair while jamming his tongue down her throat. Then she slapped his shoulder, making him back off. Karen took a big gulp of air.
“I love you, but I still need air to breath. You were blocking my nose and with your tongue in my mouth I couldn’t breathe anymore.” She explained. His face was so contorted in shock, Karen had no choice but to laugh.
“Relax, Dave. It’s okay. Just, keep a little room for me to breathe.” She stroked his face and saw him relax.
“I will. I’m sorry.” He again grabbed her head and started kissing her. A little less aggressive this time, but no less passionate. He kissed her on the mouth, on her nose and slowly made his way down her neck. Karen’s breathing became shallower as he reached the spot just behind her jaw. He nibbled her earlobe and breathed into her ear. Karen started to tug on Dave’s shirt. He backed away and she grabbed the rim of his shirt and pulled it over his head.
“Karen, wait! I’m stuck!” He exclaimed, shirt over his head and arms in the air. She tried pulling again but got nowhere.
“Pull it back down, I’ll get it off myself!” Dave said. She pulled the shirt back down and saw Dave’s red face. With care, he got out of the shirt and threw it in the back seat.  

Karen started to stroke his chest and pulled him closer so she could kiss his body. She heard his breathing change and knew he was getting even more aroused. Now it was her turn to lose a piece of clothing. Dave tore open her blouse, sending buttons flying through the car. One hit the corner of his eye.
“Ouch!” he yelled, bringing his hand to his face. He rubbed the sore spot while Karen tried to hold in her laughter. They looked at each other and now both laughed.
“Next time, you could just, you know, unbutton it.” She told him.
Dave looked at her, it was such a sexy look, the torn blouse with the lace bra now exposed. He grabbed her and pulled her in, making his way down to the edges of the bra. His hands were on her back, trying to unleash the clasps. He was still kissing her breasts, biting into the fabric where her nipples were poking through the thin lace. But those clasps wouldn’t give up. Frustration took over and Dave almost folded Karen in half to see the back and unhook it finally. Both the blouse and the bra disappeared into the back of the car.  

Dave dove into breast heaven while Karen caressed his hair. She made her way through the front of his pants and rubbed his crotch. He moaned but didn’t let go of her boobs. Karen tried to undo his pants, but with a belt and a zipper, it was harder than she hoped. Finally, Dave was too aroused and undid his own pants, being careful not to get anything stuck in his zipper. He set his junk free and Karen came forward and gave him a small blowjob. Now he was full on moaning, holding her head and pushing back in his chair. Karen repositioned her hand and leant forward again. But she had grabbed onto the seat recliner and the seat flew back all of a sudden.
“Whoah!” Dave yelled, while Karen almost bit his penis from shock. She looked up to him.
“My fault, sorry. I leant on the handle. Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I was just startled. No worries.” He was already lying back so he pulled her up to him. He shoved his hand under her skirt but found no underwear, much to his surprise.
“You dirty girl, you’ve been going commando all night and didn’t bother to tell me!” His arousal was back in full, thinking of her, sitting in the movie theatre without panties. Dave pulled her on top of him and she tried to mount him.
“Oh! Why do you have such a small car!” Karen hit her head, bumping into the roof of the car, “I’m not sure this is going to work, Dave.” She crawled back into her own seat. Dave reclined her seat and climbed on top of her. Karen spread her legs to let him in. Now they were getting somewhere.  

Dave got the rhythm and both were moaning from pleasure. Then Karen felt movement, but not from Dave.
“Dave! Handbrake!” He was still unaware of what was happening.
“What do you mean? Do you want me to stop?” He asked.
“No the car is moving! Do something!”
With his pants around his ankles, Dave climbed back into his seat and pushed the brake pedal. The car was on his handbrake but his movements made the car push through it. He secured the car back in its place and turned to Karen.
“Let’s go outside before we break it and roll down the hill.” He grabbed his pants and got out of the car. Out the back, he pulled a blanket and spread it out next to the car. They both sat down and started over.  

Slowly Dave pushed Karen back while pulling her skirt up.
“Pinecone!” She exclaimed with pain in her voice. Karen sat up, pulled the cone from underneath the blanket and tossed it into the forest. She got down again, without a problem. She sighed as Dave entered her and both were moaning to the rhythm of penetration. Dave started building the tempo and the moans turned to growls. The couple were about to come when Karen heard a car approaching.
“Quick, roll under the car!” Dave pushed with the blanket and all underneath. The car passed but didn’t stop. They waited for a second before crawling back out. They were happy they did because the car returned. Now it did stop and they saw a pair of boots approach the car. A flashlight shone into the car and they held their breath. It was a policeman, but he apparently wasn’t alarmed about a lone car parked here. He got back in his car and drove off. Underneath the car, the couple sighed a sigh of relief.  

They finished quickly, afraid the policeman would return. After they were done they got dressed again, with Karen using the blanket to cover up her blouse.
“Next time, let’s just go to a motel or something.” Dave said, still panting a bit.
“Yeah, that’s probably more practical. Or we take a tent and go camping out in the woods. No hassle with a small car or reclining seats.” Karen answered.
“A tent. There’s an idea. I’ll look into it this week. Maybe I can borrow one and we can go camping next weekend.” Dave liked the idea. They drove home in silence, thinking about everything that had happened that night. Dave stopped the car a block from Karen’s home, so no one would see them together.
“Will I see you again tomorrow?” He asked.
“I think I will be able to sneak out, I’ll let you know.” Karen fell silent for a minute.
“What’s wrong, honey?” Dave got worried.
“If you’re a witch,” Karen started, “Couldn’t you have cast a spell on us to be invisible?”