I’m back! Not a tad, but extremely late. No inspiration, stress at work and all other sorts of excuses.
The original challenge from Mr Wendig was due before the 19th of march, but i finished it nonetheless.
The challenge was to roll on two tables and use both references for a story. I rolled a 15 and a 10, meaning X-Men and Gilmore Girls.
I had a lot of fun with the challenge, let me know what you think!


“I know you want to stay in your own school but we went through a lot of trouble to get you in this school. Well, I went through a lot of trouble.” Nikita shuddered. “Your grandmother is a scary person, did you know that?” She looked at her daughter. All dressed up for her first day at the private school, dressed in the pleat skirt and blouse.

“Do I look ok? I feel weird in this school uniform.” Nikki looked at her mother while she tugged on her skirt.
“Just pack up your things, we need to leave. We don’t want to get stuck in traffic and turn up late at the headmaster’s office, do we?” Nikita grabbed her purse and jacket and was leaving for the door.

“Euhm, mom, are you going dressed like that?” Nikki looked at her mother in her big shirt and pajama bottoms. Now Nikita looked down and understood her daughter’s remark.

“Of course not! I can’t show up like this, they will think you came out of a mental institution. Warm up the car, I will be out in two minutes!” Nikita ran upstairs. Within two seconds an anguished cry came out of the bedroom.

“Mom! What’s wrong? Are you ok?” She was halfway up the stairs when her mother came to the landing. Nikita looked at her daughter with pure anguish on her face.

“I forgot to pick up the dry cleaning! The dry cleaning! I don’t have clean clothes!”
“You what?! What are you going to wear?!” Nikki now had the same look on her face. She saw her mother go through her closet.

“Alright, the decision is between an old Halloween costume, a miniskirt with tank top, god what was I thinking or yoga pants and a band shirt.” Nikita held up each pair of clothing as she spoke.

“Are that all the options?! You can’t wear that to my first day of school!” Nikki threw her hands up in the air while her mother put on the yoga pants.
“It will be fine, I’ll throw on a long coat. Nobody will notice.” Nikita grabbed her coat and ran down the stairs with Nikki behind her. “Now hurry, we can’t be late for your first day!”

As they drove through the gates both of them looked in awe at the school building.
“Was it always this big and mean looking?” Both women bend over the dashboard and looked up at the imposing structure.

“It really looks mean, doesn’t it?” Nikita looked at the worried face of her child. “Don’t sweat it, you’ll be alright, kid.” She drove up to the entrance and turned of the engine. “Try to have a good day and if you need anything you can always call me.”

“Are you serious right now? You really think you can send me on my way like this?” Nikki looked at her mother, who had a questioning look on her face.
“What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?” Nikita had no idea what was wrong.

“You can’t just drop me off, you have to go in with me!”
“No, no, no, you can’t be serious! I can’t go in dressed like this! They’ll think I came out of a mental institution!” Nikita looked out to the other mothers and back at her own clothes in horror.

“Didn’t you?” Nikki smirked.
“Didn’t what?” Nikita was still concentrated on the clothes and missed the question.
“Didn’t you come out of a mental institution? Some people will call our town one.” As she saw the held in laughter of Nikki she finally got the joke and was happy to see her smile again.

“Oh ha ha. But you can’t mean I have to go in with you, do you?” Still horrified she looked at her daughter with puppy eyes.
“Not the puppy eyes again! It doesn’t work on me, you know that. And you can mope all you want, but we have an appointment with the headmaster, the BOTH of us! He wants to meet you and me. So get your butt out of the car and keep your coat closed!”

Nikki grabbed her backpack and hopped out.
It took them some wandering around and asking people but now they were standing in front of the door of the headmaster.

“Are you ready?” Nikita kept looking to the door.
“Are you ready?” Now she looked at her daughter.

They opened the doors and stumbled upon a desk and the most stereotypical secretary ever to be found. A sour face, hair like a hive and glasses halfway up her nose.

“Hi, I’m Nikita Jameson, and this is my daughter Nikita Jameson, or Nikki, or hey you, if you tone it right, she’ll listen to anything. I was so high on Demerol during labor I named her after me.. I’m yapping.. Is the headmaster in?” Nikki shot her mother an angry look, who shrugged and mouthed an ‘I’m sorry’ back at her.

The secretary got up and said to wait there in a smoked through voice. She disappeared through another set of imposing doors. Only thirty seconds later she came out again, still with the sour look on her face.

“The headmaster will see you now.” she said and sat down again. Both Jameson women were confused, but moved towards the doors. They were greeted by the headmaster.
“Good morning ladies, I’m Headmaster Cheslyn, please come in.” He gestured towards the room. Nikita was looking around and about to compliment mister Cheslyn with his office, when her eye landed on the couch in the office.

“Mom! What the… uhm, what are you doing here?” Nikita looked at the smug face of her mother and she had to ward of a shiver.
“I’m here to wish my granddaughter a good first day at her new school. Is that illegal?” She walked over to the women. “Good morning Nikki, you look wonderful!” Misses Jameson hugged her granddaughter for a second and turned towards Nikita.

“Aren’t you going to take of your coat? You wouldn’t want to be rude would you?” she totally missed the gestures Nikita made and only looked with contempt at her own daughter. The headmaster stepped in.

“Please, miss Jameson, take of your coat and let’s sit down.”
-“No, I’m alright with standing, and I’m always cold so I’m good. People tend to sit down way too much these days, don’t you agree?” Now Nikita received weird looks from her mother, daughter and the headmaster. Reluctantly she opened the coat and took it off, thus revealing her band shirt and yoga pants.

Her mother couldn’t have a more disgusted look on her face. She tried to whisper an apology to her mother and the headmaster but after the words left her mouth she knew it was pointless.

“Sorry, laundry day, you know how that works.”
“Yes, well, let’s sit down.” The headmaster showed them to the chairs opposite of his desk. Mrs. Jameson followed the headmaster to his desk and turned to Nikki.

“Have a wonderful day, Nikki, I know Heston here will take good care of you.” She turned to the headmaster. “Take good care of her, she is a special kid, Heston. Give my regards to your wife. We must have dinner soon.” She reached over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Tell your husband I will see him soon on the golf course.” Both the headmaster and Misses Jameson smiled to one another.

“Now, miss Jameson, thank you for coming in today, I will have a small chat with your daughter and then she can go off to class. Here you have a list of commissions, activities and clubs here at the school. We expect you to participate in at least one of these.” Headmaster Cheslyn handed Nikita a big binder. “Let me know what you will be doing for the school this year.” Even before she could make an apology he cut her off. “That will be all for today miss Jameson. Thank you for coming.”

“Uhm, yes, I will get back to you. Good luck today sweety. Uhm, I think I’ll be off then.” Nikita stood up and hugged her coat to her body. She walked quickly towards the door, casting a last glance at her kid sitting in the huge office. On the way out she ran into her mother.
“What are you doing here? Are you just here to humiliate me?” She looked at her mothers smug face.

“Not everything is about you Nikita. I am here to wish my granddaughter a good first day and to remind this school they now have a Jameson girl amongst them. We have a reputation to uphold and this school needed to be reminded of that. Or may we only pay for Nikki’s education but can’t do anything else?” Her mother looked at her, relatively angry.

“No, you know I’m very grateful that you were willing to pay for her tuition, God knows you will let me know every moment you can. I just don’t understand you had to be here, today. She is my kid and I take care of her.” Nikita felt anger rise up. She tried to remain calm but her mother always pulled the blood from under her nails in point two seconds.

-“We made sure she ended up in the right school, you had her at some small town high school. Do you think her talents are going to flourish in a small town?”
“And on that note, I’m leaving for work. Bye mother.” Nikita stormed to her car and drove off.

Back in the office of the headmaster Nikki was still sitting in the chair and feeling insecure about the conversation.

“So Nikita..”
-“Please, call me Nikki. Nikita is my mother.”
“But your file says your full name is Nikita. Isn’t that true?”
-“Yes it is, but everyone calls me Nikki, it gets confusing otherwise.”
“Alright, Nikki, first of all, welcome to the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. I understand from your file you have a remarkable mutation, correct?” The headmaster looked up from the papers.

“Uhm, I guess so, if you want to put it like that..” She didn’t know why, but Nikki was scared to explain her gift to this man. She was so used to hiding her mutant side for everyone, it felt unnatural to talk about it, out in the open. The headmaster picked up on her anxiety.

“I know it feels strange to talk about it, but from now on you are in an environment where you can talk about it. It will take some getting used to, everyone here will understand.” Headmaster Cheslyn took off his glasses and looked at Nikki.

“The coming time will be hard and require a lot of work. Failure is not an option at this school. You come from a privileged family that won’t help you here. Only hard work and a lot of studying will get you to the point of controlling your gift. Do you understand miss Jameson?” He put the glasses back on.
“Uh, yes headmaster Cheslyn, I understand.” Nikki was more confused than ever.

“Alright. Take this file and take it across the hall to the registration office.” He handed her a big folder. “Good luck, miss Jameson.” He grabbed another file and went back to work, leaving Nikki baffled. At last she got up and grabbed her bag from next to her.

With her bag and the folder she stepped out of the office and into the now deserted hall. For the first time in her life she had no idea how she was going to adapt and what the future would hold for her.