On time this week! The challenge this week was to write a story with one of the seven deadly sins.
As was customary for the past weeks, I rolled a dice on the table and got Envy.
Let me know if you liked the story!


Envy, a deadly sin indeed.

“I know it is one of the deadly sins, so what? Am I not entitled to my own emotions? How can I help it that I’m jealous? Do you know how I’m supposed to shut of my emotions and not feel miserable about it?” Mary was having a drink with her best friend, downtown. The topic of Mary’s jealousy had come up numerous times in the past months and she had enough of it. Laurie sat across from her, bathing in the sun and looking at Mary with an almost pitiful look on her face.

“No I don’t know how you can shut off your emotions, but you really have to find a way to deal with this. Everyone is getting fed up with the way you behave, and I can only imagine what your parents would say.” Laurie took a sip of her mint tea, while looking defiantly at her best friend.

“Oh, you mean the pious reverent? To hell with him!”

-“Mary! How can you say that? He is your father!”

“No, he is the reverent. He is not a father. To be a father you should want to have children, and when you do, love them. The reverent does neither. He only procreated because his God told him so.” Mary grabbed her bag and reached for her cigarettes. She knew Laurie would have a huge problem with that but she didn’t care anymore. She was done with the whole religious thing. In the eyes of the law she was an adult now, and in all her wisdom she had come to the conclusion she was an atheist. As suspected Laurie made a huge fuss.

“Don’t tell me you are going to smoke that! What has happened to you Mary? I really don’t like this new version of you.” Laurie looked in disgust to the smoke coming from the other end of the table. Mary knew this was the moment she had to tell her best friend since kindergarten.

“I have fallen off my faith, Laurie. I am denying faith, I have become an atheist. And I know all the arguments you want to throw at me, but don’t. I have heard it all before, but I’m done with it. I want to live my life as I see fit, and I can’t marry that with faith. For me, it is the right decision, I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of years now. The only thing I hope is that you still want to be friends with me.” Mary breathed a sigh of relief, as the words were finally out of her mouth. Now it was just waiting in fear for the reaction.

“Oh, Mary… How can you say such things… We will always be friends, but this does make it a lot more difficult. I can’t say I’m surprised though, you always were the rebel of the church.” Laurie reached over the table and lay her hand on Mary’s arm. The two women looked at each other. Without speaking a single word they exchanged thoughts and understood one another. One of the benefits of being friends for so long.

“Now about that jealousy of yours, what are you going to do about it?” Laurie finished the last of her tea and waited for an answer.

Mary thought about it. Since a couple of months she felt this way about an old friend from school, Tess. The moment Mary heard Tess had gotten the scholarship Mary had hoped to receive she had developed this feelings. She knew it was borderline crazy, but she was so jealous it almost made her green. From there on, everything went uphill, at least for Tess. A beautiful apartment, handsome boyfriend, lots of new friends.

Mary couldn’t stand it, that should have been her life. Especially since she didn’t get the scholarship, she had to choose another college, and another major. Now she was stuck at community college, and with a major she didn’t want. Her parents had made her go. Talking about future careers and such. If only something happened to Tess…

“Hey, miss dreamer! Are you ever going to answer me?” Laurie looked at Mary with a questioning look.

“I’m sorry, I think I spaced out for a sec.” Mary shook her head to clear away the thoughts when her phone beeped. She grabbed the phone and read the message while her eyes grew wider in surprise.

“Mary? What’s up? Something happened?” A strange feeling crept up her neck as Laurie looked at her friend.

“I think I don’t have to do anything about my jealousy.” Mary looked up from her phone. “Tess is dead.” She hastily lit up a cigarette. Laurie was too shocked to say anything, she only threw her hands up and pulled up her shoulders.

“She jumped off a building, leaving behind a suicide note.” She hated herself for it, but Mary felt happy, and had trouble hiding a smile. Could this have anything to do with the fact she just thought about this scenario? No it couldn’t be! No one had such power. But maybe… She quickly changed her thoughts, and somehow ended up with the reverent in her head.

Now if only he would… No, he would never jump off a building, it wasn’t pious. He would probably crash his car into a tree, make it look like an accident. Why couldn’t she stop thinking about this! Focus on Laurie!

Mary tried to comfort Laurie, who broke down after hearing the news. A waiter brought some water, and Mary moved her chair next to her. It took some time but eventually she calmed down. Then Mary’s phone beeped again.

“Oh gee, oh!” Mary put a hand in front of her mouth and looked at Laurie with mixed feelings.

“My father crashed his car into a tree, he’s dead…”