“While I was carving the pumpkin it came to life and..”
Write a story with this sentence as an opening. Be as creative as you want.


It’s finally Halloween! The best holiday of the year and I was completely prepared. I decorated the whole house, made the yard all spooky for the kids who will be trick-or-treating and placed a big bowl of candy by the door. Only one thing left to do; make the Jack-o’-lantern for the front porch. Because I was so well prepared, I went to a pumpkin patch to pick out a nice pumpkin. It was so big and orange, it made me overlook the fact it was tucked away in the back.

It was going to be a feast just for me, but I didn’t care. I had tossed the idea of a relationship out the window a long time ago. Apparently I wasn’t destined to have a happy relationship, so I decided to make other people happy instead. And that was exactly the goal for tonight, making children happy by scaring them, and dentists by giving out huge amounts of candy. Now, for that pumpkin…

I found a good carving tutorial on the internet and I started enthusiastically by cutting the top of, gutting the insides and carefully gluing the top back on. I drew out a scary face with a marker before I started cutting. The eyes looked fantastic and as soon as I finished the mouth I had to take a step back to admire my work. With the knife still in my hand I took two steps back and looked at my scary Jack-o’-lantern. Then the face started to twist and turn.

“Hey baby, do you always hurt your lovers before you kiss them?” The pumpkin winked at me and I screamed at the top of my lungs while I dropped the knife. My nerves must have given out because a while later I woke up lying on the kitchen floor whilst someone was crying loudly behind me. I turned my head and saw it was the pumpkin making all that noise. I almost passed out again but the crying just seared through me and I started to worry.
“Is.. is everything alright?” I tried carefully. I almost couldn’t believe it, I was talking to the pumpkin, but the crying sounded so… human.
“Yes… but… I… scared… you!” He cried out.
“Isn’t that a little bit obvious? You are a pumpkin and all of a sudden you start talking to me.” Yes, I was in fact, talking to a crying pumpkin. I sat up against a cabinet and started to wonder how I was going to comfort it.

Because I tried to act less scared, he seemed to calm down a bit. The crying retorted to sobbing and while I was looking at him, he didn’t seem that scary anymore.
“Let me introduce myself first.” I looked at the pumpkin with, what I hoped, was an open face. It seemed to calm him down further.
“I’m Liah, do you have a name?” I looked at him with hope in my eyes. What followed is somewhere between shaking his… head and starting to cry again.
“Then I will give you a name. I will call you Jack, that seems fitting. What do you think Jack?” He stopped the sobbing and his face returned to the scary grimace I carved, but it no longer seems scary to me.
“I like Jack, and I also like your name Liah.” Jack stopped crying and I then noticed his beautiful voice.
“I need to ask this, how come you can talk?” I looked at Jack, but he doesn’t seem surprised by my question.
“Honestly, I don’t really know, I think it has something to do with it being Halloween. Do you know the folklore about this holiday?” I don’t know how he did it, but he had a questioning look on his face. Apparently I looked back with a puzzled look since he goes on with his story.
“It is believed that the veil between this world and the spirit world is at its thinnest during Halloween, and that spirits can travel through the veil because of it. If I had to guess, I think me being able to talk is related to that.” Jack seemed pleased with his own statement and I decided it was the most plausible explanation.

Somewhere in the middle of the night I realize we’ve been talking through the entire day. I forgot all about Halloween, the children and my dinner feast. It feels as if I’ve been talking to an old friend and we lost track of time talking about life and whatnot. It’s the same moment I begin to wonder if Jack will stay this way after Halloween is over, or if he will return to a ‘normal’ pumpkin. Right after I get scared he might turn back. It feels like I have found a soulmate, what if he changes back into a normal, carved, non-talking pumpkin?

Eventually I say goodnight around four in the morning, leaving him on the kitchen counter. With fear in my heart I turn to bed, and wake up a couple of hours later with the same fear. I get up, open my bedroom door and all fear is gone. I hear his unmistakable voice singing downstairs, and I hear the sound of pots and pans clanging on the stove. I get dressed in a hurry and storm downstairs, where I discover a second miracle.

Apparently this Halloween was a magical evening and all my prayers have been heard. I do not find pumpkin Jack in my kitchen, but the most gorgeous man ever, with the unmistakable voice and smile of Jack. He turns to me and his face turns into the biggest smile possible.
“Good morning honey, or I should say, good afternoon. Are you hungry?” He holds up a plate with pancakes. I almost collapse again and his smile grows.
“What… what happened?” I have to grab the kitchen counter to hold myself up.
“I think another miracle happened. I can’t be sure, but I sure as hell am happy about it, how about you?” I see a flash of insecurity dart across his face. I try to think straight, but all I see is this handsome man, with that gorgeous voice, that smile and the feeling in my gut that I have found my soulmate.
“Come here and never let go, Jack.”

Now we still tell the story about the Halloween pumpkin. A slightly different version of course, the truth we keep to ourselves. And every year we throw the biggest Halloween party ever. Not just for the trick-or-treating children, but mostly to celebrate our love.